There are so many features packed into the devices we buy today that some people may never learn them all before upgrading to a newer one. Most of the time this is from the user not going through the features that are made available to them. Some LG devices have an FM radio application pre-installed while others can sideload the application to gain the same feature.

Once you have the working FM Radio application from LG installed, then you can use the free via APKMirror or paid version via the Play Store to create a shortcut that gives you access to the hidden audio recording feature.

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XDA Labs Labs is an independent app store that gives developers full control over their work. Substratum The ultimate, most complete theming solution for Android.What many people forget is that many phones have an FM chip built into them.

The downside of trying to listen to radio without data is that not all networks enable the FM chip within their phones. NextRadio has a list of the currently supported handsets here so you can check if your phone is compatible. Select the Filter box on the NextRadio page and select your carrier to see if they allow FM broadcasts. You will see one phone manufacturer conspicuous by its absence. From the iPhone 7 onwards, there are no FM chips in the phone.

One thing to note about FM radio apps is that they may require a small burst of data to populate the listings.

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Some stations will work with zero data coverage while other stations may not. It all depends on the stations, the app and where you live. If your phone and network allow FM broadcasts, you next need to be able to tune into them. You will need an app and a pair of headphones for this.

The headphones not only help you listen in peace, they also act as the FM antenna. There are a bunch of others but some are only available in specific countries. You could search Google Play for FM radio and select an app in your region or you could try one of these.

The stations featured by any of these apps will depend on your location, the signal strength in your area and what stations broadcast.

The app is clear and simple to use and has FM options as well as internet radio stations. There are hundreds to choose from depending on where you live and quality is very good. It can crash, lose stations and stutter but is otherwise a solid option. TuneIn Radio mixes both streaming and FM radio station broadcasts to give you a very wide breadth of content.

lg radio app

The app is free for basic use but also has the obligatory premium version should you wish to expand those core features. The app works well and is intuitive enough to get listening quickly. Simple Radio is another app that lets you listen to FM radio as well as streams.

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The app is simple to use and offers access to almost 50, radio stations across the world. The interface is simple and easy to navigate and works well. Stations are easy to find and will populate depending on your location.

Then just select and begin listening. Like the others in this list, the number of stations depends on where you live but it makes them easy to find from the simple interface. Select a station and the app tunes quickly and has you listening in seconds. Not more you need to ask really I think.

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The app seems stable, finds a bunch of stations and shows ads occasionally. It is well worth considering.

10 best radio apps for Android!

If your phone has an FM chip and your network has enabled it, you can listen to music for free without burning through your data allowance. How cool is that?It should include a radio feature. Your suggestion was submitted over 1 year ago but unfortunately hasn't received enough kudos. In order to maintain the ideas exchange, ideas are eventually marked inactive. This does not mean that your idea has been rejected: if you still feel strongly about your request, you can repost your idea.

I can't play any of my stations on the LG app. Adding this would make the app actually useful. Please do so! You must be a registered user to add a comment.

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Updated: Hi! Status: Inactive Idea 9 Likes. Back to Idea Exchange Previous Next. Finally some jist towards the Spotify app on LG Smart. I have been using the app since it came out but began to become more and more frustrated due to the fact that I constantly have to use my remote to look up songs and playlists. As an avid connect user on pc's etc.

I would really likr to see support on LG Smart with a faster app update aswell! Community Legend. Status changed to: Inactive Idea Updated: Hi! Log In.And streaming is included with your All Access trial or paid subscription. We can get you one. Set Me Up to Stream. Enjoy the perfect soundtrack for your weekend, your early morning or just your average Tuesday.

If you missed a show or performance, no problem. Listen on your own time by choosing from hundreds of archived shows On Demand.

Plus set-up is super simple. Already have a SiriusXM trial or paid subscription in your car? Sign Up for a Trial. Get My Username and Password. Listening to your favorites in your recliner. Seamlessly resuming where you left off on your phone. NOTE : All features are not available on all platforms. SiriusXM streaming subscription sold separately. Please enable JavaScript to access required functionality on this website. Stream on. Never miss a beat. Listen On Demand If you missed a show or performance, no problem.

Listen On Demand. How to start streaming. From the Home page, go to the Store page and select Search. Search for and select SiriusXM. Select Get to download the SiriusXM app.

Open the app and login with your SiriusXM streaming username and password. Open the SiriusXM app and enter your streaming username and password.

lg radio app

Shop for. Get SiriusXM. Manage My Account. SiriusXM Corporate. More SiriusXM. Contact Us. Apple Store.Radio for your smartphone without Internet is a myth or reality? We made for you, quite an interesting selection — applications that allow you to listen to the radio without connecting to the Internet.

Sometimes such a function will be useful, for example, in nature, where there are no available Internet connection networks. So, have a look! In addition, this program has collected many podcasts that are constantly updated.

The Best Offline No-WiFi Radio Apps for your Phone

In the application, you can select the radio according to different parameters: location, genre, popularity, etc. After setting the necessary characteristics to activate a station that is suitable for the parameters, you just need to click on the scan button. While listening to streaming radio, it is possible to mark the track you like, what will affect its rating in the global playlist. Registered users can listen to a certain radio station with the songs of selected artists, as well as create their own playlist for work, leisure, travel, sports.

TuneIn is a streaming radio service with which you can listen: music, news, sports, podcasts this is a very convenient way to listen to audio content, they can be put on pause and rewind and audiobooks. According to TuneIn, the service is used in countries, the audience of TuneIn consists of 60 million users, thousand radio stations and 4 million podcasts, broken down by categories of different nature.

In the main menu, a fairly detailed catalog is available — this includes local radio, recently listened stations, and trend channels that have extreme popularity. Thematic stations are also available to the users — music, sports, news, conversational podcasts and regional channels with extravagant genres. The choice is really extensive and limited, it seems, only by the imagination of users.

In the Tuneln Radio settings, you can specify the buffering time and buffer size, as well as the preferred broadcast stream. This will allow you to adapt the broadcast to the current Internet speed.

New TuneIn Radio uses standard colors, located on a white background, in the main menu and gray when playing music. If you do not want to buy, try to record, the button is next! The price may vary depending on the country. The paid version of TuneIn Radio Pro does not have graphic ads and allows you to save everything you have listened to through TuneIn for offline playback at any time.

Simple Radio is an amazingly simple service for listening to the radio on your smartphone. In the memory of the application, more than 25 thousand stations are stored. Simple Radio is the first application that combines a number of advantages of modern online radio with the amazing simplicity of classic radio tuners of the past.

Simple Radio has a user-friendly interface, which helps to optimally set up the radio and find various radio stations quickly and easily. It also provides the ability to automatically search for all sorts of radio stations, automatically select the best settings, and save personal.

In the application, there is a combined block of access to the selected stations. One tap on the screen is able to switch the user between favorite stations. It is very simple and convenient to use. The application is optimized for active daily use to be smooth and convenient in various situations.

Simple Radio application by Streema today is used by more than five million active listeners every month, because this radio has an unrivaled level of reliability and stability, and it is as convenient and simple to use at home, on the road and even at work.

Listen to hit radio stations, keep abreast of the news, listen to sports broadcasts, theatrical performances, political discussion, and music. You can connect to any frequency without interference.Your smart TV, like your smartphone, is a connected device that offers instant access to media, games and more through a selection of apps. LG offers more than apps for its smart TVs, many of which are available for free through the LG app store.

Open LG Content Store.

Radio App LG Optimums

Apps and other media will be found through the LG Content Store, which is found on the home screen in the ribbon menu. Navigate to the app store. While the LG Content Store is filled with movies and shows, apps are found in a separate section of the store. To access the app store, select the Apps button along the top of the page. Browse the app store. With more than apps on offer, LG has categories ranging from entertainment and sports to lifestyle and games.

You can either browse these by category or view all apps together. Select an app. Once you find an app that looks interesting, you can learn more about it by selecting the app from the menu. This will open up an individual page for the app that offers a brief description of the content and service it offers, as well as screenshots of the app in use.

lg radio app

Installation and download use a seamless process, beginning as soon as you hit the Install button. Once the installation is finished, you can open the app directly from the page or find the new app on your home screen. To move an app to a different spot on the ribbon menu, first select the app; then press and hold the Enter button to open the edit mode. Enter Edit Mode. While in edit mode, you can move the app up and down the length of the scrolling ribbon menu using the right and left direction buttons on the remote.

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Delete unwanted apps. To delete an app, press up to select the X over an individual app tile.W e have come a long way from transistor radios to this era of high-quality audio-visual entertainment. Radio can give you company when you are driving or working out.

Most of the smartphones come with a built-in FM radio app. Such apps can only play local FM stations. However, there are a lot of other admirable Android radio apps available for online radio streaming. These apps provide thousands of radio stations from all over the globe.

You are advised to choose any of these as per your needs.

lg radio app

TuneIn comes with more thaninternet radio stations along with over million on-demand programs and podcasts around the world. In addition to music, it can deliver news, sports, comedy programs, radio talks, etc.

You can choose to listen to any genre of music like rock, pop, classical, blues, etc. Moreover, TuneIn features a Car Mode that can change the interface of the app, which will be suitable for you while driving. Audials is one of the powerful Android radio apps which is highly-featured and covers over 50, radio stations.

You can select radio stations based on different genres, country, top artists, etc. It offers over podcasts that you can listen to. Also, you can record any playing station and save it to your phone.

Moreover, the app includes a built-in audio and video player, equalizer, sleep timer, Car Mode, etc. You can work over the cloud and move your music files to an SD Card. Also, it has support for Chromecast. Apart from this, Audials is free with no in-app purchases or ads. The app has a user-friendly interface, and all the radio stations are well-sorted, based on different genres like rock, pop, metal, etc.

It features hundreds of radio stations, and you can also search for a particular radio station in the search bar.